Which Dog Breed Lives Longest?


A smart, intelligent, affectionate, and joyful breed, the Beagle has lots of energy.

Australian Shepherd

The energetic Australian Shepherd Dog likes outdoor activities and is smart and work-oriented.


Despite their long, low appearance, Dachshunds are confident, gregarious, and curious. But they won't win any honors for long-distance sprinting or jumping.


Pomeranian dogs are small but fierce, even when their opponents are much larger. The intelligent Pomeranian's 12-16-year lifespan

Yorkshire Terrier

The Yorkshire Terrier, known as Yorkie, is a lively, bold, and friendly dog that loves attention.

Toy Poodle

A shrewd, sturdy, and self-confident Toy Poodle lives 10-18 years and is up for anything.

Jack Russell Terrier

Confident, lively, and friendly, this breed loves being active and has a zest for life, which is excellent since they can live 20 years.