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Wendy's Rivals Taco Bell With A Bold New Item


Wendy's has tried to carve out a place in the fast-food burger wars by offering higher-quality burgers than McDonald's and Burger King do. 

That strategy dates back to the days of company founder Dave Thomas, who founded the company on the idea of serving "fresh, never frozen" hamburgers.

Thomas never said "unlike McDonald's and Burger King," but that was obviously the implication. Wendy's food was fresher, made with higher-quality ingredients, and prepared with more care. 

Wendy's targeted McDonald's by emphasizing that it intended to serve fresh cracked eggs instead of the seemingly premade patties McDonald's (MCD) In reality, McDonald's incorporates fresh eggs into some of its sandwiches. 

Wendy's has relied on the idea that it provides higher-quality fast food, while customers find it difficult to choose between McDonald's and, to a lesser extent, Burger King. 

The company refers to its menu as "Fast Food Done Right: your go-to for real, fresh, craveable food that doesn't cost a fortune," and the new breakfast menu demonstrates this, according to the company in 2020

Wendy's has now expanded its breakfast menu with a product that McDonald's offers but is more synonymous with Yum Brands' (YUM) Get a free Taco Bell report.

McDonald's sausage burrito is a weak breakfast burrito. Everyone knows what a burrito looks like, and McDonald's version is more like a skinny rollup than Taco Bell's.

Taco Bell has three Grande Toasted Breakfast Burritos. These 570-calorie snacks come in steak, bacon, and sausage varieties. Wendy's has now decided to enter the breakfast-burrito space and its new morning offering looks hearty — bigger than any of the burritos on Taco Bell's menu.

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