Walmart Shoppers Slam "Weirdest Ever" Self-Checkout Change

Walmart's regular consumers are so habituated to the shopping experience that adjustments are nearly impossible without their notice. 

Important developments include the company's latest renovations and improvements to hundreds of locations. Coincidentally, even little

changes can annoy customers. Walmart shoppers are criticizing a self-checkout change they saw. Discover why it's the "weirdest ever" update.

It's common for restaurants and service hotlines to invite customers to fill out surveys following their visits. Walmart lets customers rate their experience 

Last May, @chad.pettit posted a TikTok video criticizing Walmart's ludicrous self-checkout request. The post caption called the practice "one of the weirdest things ever."

"Rate my experience? Should I tell you how good I did? "he asks. He jokes, "I didn't ask myself if I found everything OK today,

The self-checkout survey was one of TikTok user @therealtamara27's "pet peeves" after she navigated the store alone.

"Dude, I just checked myself out at Walmart," says. "I added my own rubbish to the cart…I did everything myself: scanned, payed, and bagged.

Requesting the survey isn't the only odd component of kiosk checkout. In another TikTok video, @DexterBear97 describes the same bewildered 

He says the associate jumped over his shoulder and rated themself five stars when he clicked "print" on his receipt. "How strange! Why would you? "says.