These 10 Baby Names Have The Most Beautiful Meaning


Evelyn is a name of English origin meaning "desired" or "wished for". With such a sweet meaning, the name embodies a deep sense of longing and affection.


A strong, powerful name choice would be Theodore, a name of Greek origin that means "gift of God" or "divine gift". If you love names rooted in ancient history. 


Coming from Latin origin, Grace literally means, well, "grace" or "graciousness". It's an elegant girl's name, symbolizing a kind-heart. 


Elijah, a name with Hebrew roots, translates to "Yahweh is God". In ancient Hebrew, Yahweh simply means God, so the name can be seen to mean "the Lord is my God".


Here's a beautiful one - Aurora, of Latin origin, has a simple but stunning meaning: "dawn". It's a name that conveys a lot of heart, one that appreciates new beginnings and the beauty of the early morning.


Derived from the Hebrew verb, Nathan means "he gave" or "he will give". This is another popular biblical name, often chosen for its simplicity, but also for its deep and profound meaning.


With Italian and Spanish origin, Luna is a beautiful name meaning "moon". Its celestial meaning makes this an increasingly popular choice, with the name evoking both beauty and serenity. 


Finn is name that has its roots in Irish mythology; it means "fair" or "blessed". It's a wonderful name for any baby boy, carrying connotations of purity, good will, and simplicity.


Isla, a name of Spanish and Scottish origin, refers to an "island". It's a girls' name that was derived from the Scottish word "Islay", the name of an island near Scotland.


Leo is name of Latin origin with a powerful meaning; it means "lion". It's a strong and noble name, a popular choice that evokes feelings of bravery, courage, and leadership.

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