The World's Most Expensive Food

Foie gras

This expensive pate is made from fattened duck or goose liver. The animals are force-fed, which has led to the product being banned in some countries. Expect to pay around US$50 per kilogram. 

Wagyu beef

There's a reason why this Japanese beef is so delicious. Cows are treated really, really well. A special diet, daily massages, and brushing result in high-quality beef. Expect to pay around US$50 for 100 grams. 


Also known as 'red gold,' saffron is the world's most expensive spice. It takes thousands of flowers just to create 1 kg of saffron. 

Almas Caviar

This rare and expensive beluga caviar has been sold at a whopping US$34,500 per kilogram. 


You can find decently priced oysters in some parts of the world, but they're still quite pricey. 

La Bonnotte potatoes

These potatoes get their unique flavor from the seaweed in the soil they're grown in and from the climate of Noirmoutier Island in France. The price? Around US$860 per kilogram. 

Densuke watermelon

The Japanese have a taste for expensive food. One of these was once sold at auction for US$6,100. 

Yubari King melons

These Japanese melons can cost around US$200 each, but in May 2019, two melons were sold at auction for over US$45,000! 

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