The Prettiest White Flowers To Plant In Your Garden Now


Best known as a heady floral note in elegant perfumes, the tuberose flower is a tall-growing perennial.

Flowering Dogwood

Native to the eastern United States, flowering dogwood trees bloom in the spring before revealing their seed pods in the early summer. 


Yarrow is a fast-growing flower that looks more like a fern when clustered together. Left unchecked, it can take over a garden, so just remember to prune it back. 


Known for its dense, spiraling petals, ranunculus looks gorgeous in bouquets and comes in a wide range of colors including pure. 


This annual flower features long, spindly stems, and it thrives in warm, sunny climates. Like ranunculus, it's a beautiful and useful addition to a cutting garden. 


The signature birth flower of November, mums are large, bushy flowers that can grow up to 16 inches high and 18 inches wide. They do extremely well in porch planters. 


Native to Nordic countries, lupine (aka bluebonnet or Texas bluebonnet) is famous for its purple hue, but it can also be white. 


Petite and delicate, begonia flowers thrive in tropical climates, including the southern United States, where they get ample sun and humidity.

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