The 8  Best Teas To Lose Weight And Belly Fat

Green Tea

Rich in catechins, particularly EGCG, which may help boost metabolism and increase fat oxidation.

Black Tea

Contains compounds like theaflavins and thearubigins that can support weight loss by promoting fat breakdown and inhibiting fat absorption.

Oolong Tea

A partially oxidized tea that may enhance fat metabolism and aid in weight loss when consumed regularly.

White Tea

Contains polyphenols, which may help reduce the formation of fat cells and promote weight loss.

Peppermint Tea

Can aid in digestion and reduce appetite, making it easier to control calorie intake.

Ginger Tea

Ginger has thermogenic properties that can help increase metabolism, and it may also suppress appetite.

Rooibos Tea

Caffeine-free and can help control hunger cravings while providing antioxidants that support overall health.

Hibiscus Tea

Low in calories and can help regulate blood sugar levels, which may indirectly support weight loss.

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