The 7 Best Lipstick Colors If You Have Brown Eyes

Lipsticks with brown eyes

There are a variety of lipstick shades that can complement and accentuate brown eyes. Here are seven of the finest lipstick colors for women with brown eyes:

1. Berry Red

Deep berry red lipstick can accentuate the tenderness of brown eyes and create a striking contrast.

2. Warm Terracotta

A warm terracotta or brick red lipstick can give depth and richness to brown eyes for a beautiful earthy appearance.

3. Coral

Coral hues with a combination of orange and pink can enliven brown eyes and add a splash of color to your makeup.

4. Mauve

Mauve is a flattering color for brown eyes because it complements their natural tenderness.

5. Bronze

A bronze metallic lipstick can accentuate brown eyes and give them a radiant, golden sheen.

6. Deep Plum

Lipsticks in shades of deep plum or wine can create a dramatic and seductive appearance that accentuates the depth of brown eyes.

7. Neutral Brown

Rich, neutral brown lipstick can create a natural and harmonious appearance that complements brown eyes.