The 10 Best European Cities For Foodie

Lyon, France 

The gastronomical capital of France is a great place to sample unique plates. Enjoy classic French dishes, Lyonnaise specialties such as Rosette de Lyon (saucisson) and Tablier de sapeur.

Lisbon, Portugal

Home to one of Europe’s largest food markets, the capital of Portugal has become a great place for foodies. It’s a great place to sample Portuguese cuisine, wine, and street eats.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Dutch food might not inspire much thought, but the capital city is home to some of the best restaurants in all cuisine of Europe.

Barcelona, Spain

Spanish food conjures pictures of paella, ceviche, and various seafood dishes. Barcelona gives it all a Catalan twist that will delight any foodie.

Copenhagen, Denmark

The Scandinavian capital might be best known for its design aesthetics, but its reputation as a food city has grown recently. Unlike much of northern Europe, the coffee is as amazing as the pastries.

Naples, Italy

The birthplace of pizza cannot be left off this list. However, Napoli has more to offer hungry stomachs beyond its staple. Homegrown tomatoes are some of the best on the continent.

Istanbul, Turkey

The city where Asia and Europe meet will, of course, always be unique in many instances, including food. The grilled meats, falafel, and dips are a staple but don’t forget to try the börek pastries, lahmacun, and baklava.

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Traditional Slovenian cuisine is not well-known worldwide, but if you visit the capital, you’ll enjoy a unique culinary experience.

Paris, France

Of course, we cannot forget the City of Light, home to some of the best restaurants in the world. Enjoy drinks and meals at classic French brasseries, dine at Michelin-star restaurants, or enjoy a variety of international cuisines.

Bologna, Italy

Okay, honestly, any city in Italy could fill this category, but Bologna is worth a special mention because it gave the world parmesan cheese, balsamic vinegar, lasagna, and of course, bolognese.

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