Taco Bell Is Adding 4 Exciting New Items To the Menu

In time for Christmas, Taco Bell is offering a clever combination of two fan favorites plus a limited-time choice.

The brand announced a 3-Cheese Chicken Flatbread Melt, Double Berry Freeze, Coffee Chillers, and Churro Chillers for outlets nationwide. Some of these products have debuted, while others will in the coming weeks.

The 3-Cheese Chicken Flatbread Melt will debut on Jan. 11. Over the summer, Taco Bell tested this new dish in Dayton, Ohio, but it will now be available nationally.

The warm, pillowy flatbread is packed with grilled chicken, creamy Chipotle Sauce, and cheddar, mozzarella, and Monterey pepper jack cheeses. Customers may get a $2.29 3-Cheese Chicken Flatbread Melt.

The Double Berry Freeze will hit Taco Bell locations nationwide on Dec. 21, saving fans time. The new frozen drink mixes the Blue Raspberry Freeze and Wild Strawberry Freeze, two consumer favorites.

Taco Bell's last two offerings, Coffee and Churro Chillers, debuted last week on Dec. 15. They're not carried countrywide like the 3-Cheese Chicken Flatbread Melt and Double Berry Freeze.

Taco Bell stores in 27770 Santa Margarita Pkwy in Viejo, Calif., and 2222 Barranca Pkwy in Irvine, Calif., are offering them for a limited time.

The Coffee Chillers swirl blended iced coffee with Mexican Chocolate, Caramel Churro, or Spiced Vanilla. The beverages are topped with chilled foam.

You may choose Mexican Chocolate, Dulce de Leche Coffee, Wild Strawberry, or Sweet Vanilla for the Churro Chillers' blended sweet shake. Cold foam and churro crumbs top the beverages.

The new 16-ounce frozen beverages from Taco Bell cost $4.19. Taco Bell may expand these beverages outside Southern California, but consumers may hope.

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