Surprising Hydrogen Peroxide Usage

Hydrogen peroxide removes stains well. Food, blood, alcohol, and grass stains are challenging.

Use To Remove Stains

Cutting meats on boards exposes them to microorganisms. Wipe the board with vinegar and a paper towel to eliminate bacteria. Use hydrogen peroxide instead.

Sanitize Your Cutting Board With It

The increased oxygen in hydrogen peroxide helps plant roots. Water it down with one teaspoon of 3% hydrogen peroxide per cup of water before watering your plants.

Use On Plants

You may clean your toilet bowl with hydrogen peroxide and make it sparkle. Pour a half-cup in and wait a few hours. Clean it with a toilet brush and flush.

Clean Your Toilet With It

Besides sponges, hydrogen peroxide may clean rags, towels, mops, and other cleaning tools.

Clean All Your Cleaning Tools With It

Hydrogen peroxide and water soaks can treat foot fungus and eliminate dangerous germs. Try it for 15-20 minutes.

Keep Your Feet Healthy With It

In humid environments like restrooms, mildew can be a nightmare. Do not worry! Apply a bottle of 3% hydrogen peroxide straight on the surface and wipe clean.

Use To Eliminate Mildew