Southwest Airlines' Christmas Week Meltdown in Hilarious Skit

Southwest was mocked on Saturday Night Live for their Christmas week disaster, which canceled thousands of flights and delayed people.

On Saturday, Michael B. Jordan hosted an episode featuring Southwest employees played by Jordan and cast members Heidi Gardner and Devon

Walker in a funny comedy. Employees recorded a message detailing the airline's many faults and promising a “better, more modern Southwest experience.”

Southwest's faults were mostly ours. Gardner told the camera on the segment that some of it is on you.

The farce focused on Southwest's late December collapse, which canceled thousands of flights during peak travel times. 

Southwest President and CEO Bob Jordan stated this week that the flight interruptions cost the business $800 million pre-tax, which the skit also mentioned.

As part of “making things right,” the skit pledged to upgrade the airline's communications system to 2008

Dell computers from “2002 IBM Thinkpad laptops with the little red nipple in the middle.” 

The skit promised no more lost luggage “guaranteed” using a color-coded system (red for Dallas, blue for Charlotte).

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