Southwest Airlines Announces a New Route

It shouldn't come as a surprise, but the fact that Oakland is still debating whether or not to rename

the airport is shocking. The flight began without any stops on Tuesday, September 5th.

“This new transcontinental nonstop is a definite time-saver for those traveling between the San Francisco Bay Area and the Baltimore-

Washington metro area,” says Craig Simon, Interim Director of Aviation at the Port of Oakland. "Their expanding network gives Southwest's renowned service,

a wide variety of alternatives that are both convenient and affordable, as well as 

the security and simplicity of utilizing OAK. When taken as a whole, this constitutes a winning formula for everyone.

According to the airport's estimations, 900 individuals make the trip from the San Francisco East Bay to the metropolitan areas of Baltimore

and Washington, DC every single day. The new Southwest Airlines flight addresses demand by air travelers

for transcontinental flights that allow them to use OAK and skip enroute stops when flying coast to coast.

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