Separation Anxiety: What It Really Is, And How To Cope

Separation anxiety is when you feel nervous when you’re separated from a loved one, such as a primary caregiver or a partner.

What Is Separation Anxiety?

Separation anxiety in babies usually starts at about eight months. By age two, toddlers begin to understand that their parents will return.

Separation Anxiety In Children

If separation anxiety continues into adulthood, one will be diagnosed with adult separation anxiety disorder.

Separation Anxiety In Adults

It’s important to recognize the signs of separation anxiety. One can do this by talking with trusted family members, friends, a partner, or even mental health professionals.

Recognize The Signs

A helpful coping mechanism is admitting and accepting that separation anxiety is a deep fear of letting go of loved ones.

Admit And Accept It

Thinking about your strengths helps reduce separation anxiety. When away from a loved one, keep busy and remember the reunion will be sweet.

Believe In Your Own Capabilities

Clutter impacts daily living. Clearing your space can boost your mood and minimize worry.

Declutter Your Environment

Mindfulness routines, like yoga and meditation, can help you combat separation anxiety.

Try Yoga And Meditation