Secrets Your Coffee Order Reveals About Your Personality

See this if coffee is vital to your morning routine: New research reveals what your favorite coffee order says about you. Cold and hot coffee

users differ in personality, travel habits, milk preferences, and music taste, according to a survey. Iced coffee lovers love Megan Thee Stallion.

The vegan California Farms-backed study used OnePoll to collect data from 2,000 frequent coffee users. 

The following results were revealed from respondents' coffee orders, lifestyle behaviors, and personality traits:

The investigation indicated that fire and earth Zodiac signs like hot coffee, while water and air prefer chilled.

According to the poll, iced coffee drinkers travel more and use Instagram than hot coffee drinkers, who prefer Facebook and travel less.

About 38% of iced coffee drinkers prefer plant-based milk, mostly almond or oat. (Perhaps your oat

milk latte with an additional shot isn't that unusual…) Classic dairy creamer is preferred by 40% of hot coffee consumers.

Fifty-nine percent of respondents said the COVID-19 epidemic had altered their coffee-drinking habits, and 46% said lockdown had encourage 

"We've seen an interesting shift in coffee consumption in recent months, with 42% of consumers experimenting at home and trying to recreate their favorite hot