Passenger Arrested After Trying To Join Mile High Club

Few individuals are as audacious in their desire to join the Mile High Club as this individual. 

On a Spirit Airlines flight, a male passenger vainly attempted to persuade a female flight attendant into an intimate encounter. 

Additionally, it was alleged that the individual forcibly approached a flight attendant and inquired about matters of concern. 

A flight from Louisville to Orlando was the location of the incidents this week. After filing a criminal complaint, James Finnister was apprehended. 

 After purportedly inviting the first flight attendant to partake in the provocative society, he proceeded to occupy the seat of the second flight attendant and proceeded to pose unsettling inquiries to her as well. 

Additionally, it appears that he inquired about matters other than sexuality. The approach of the individuals towards the cockpit region elicited the flight attendants' suspicion. 

Police in Orlando apprehended Finnister, who subsequently confessed to his transgressions. In addition, he disclosed that, as this was his first flight, he consumed a number of alcoholic beverages via shotgun. 

An interfering member of the flight crew landed him a federal indictment. A guarantee that he would appear in court at future proceedings was a condition for his release on personal recognizance. 

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