These Beautiful Bedroom Plants May Help You Get Better Sleep


Aglaonema tolerates very low light levels, so it's ideal if you don't have large windows in your bedroom. Water it when the top few inches of soil feel dry. 

Snake Plant 

The snake plant doesn't mind low light—and because it's a succulent, it only needs to be watered every week or two. 

Money Tree 

Purported to bring good luck, the money tree has a nice, modern vibe—plus, it's not fussy and grows quickly. Give it medium light, water it every week or two, and it'll be happy. 


The pothos plant tolerates any light level from low to high. Just don't water it until the top few inches of soil feel dry to the touch—overwatering is the only real way to kill this plant. 


Although most research has studied the use of lavender essential oils specifically, having a live lavender plant in your bedroom probably can't hurt.  

Heartleaf Philodendron 

Its glossy, heart-shaped leaves are beautiful as they spill over the edges of nightstands or bookshelves–and it's tolerant of low light levels. 

Bird's Nest Fern 

Its thick, waxy leaves retain water better than many other ferns that have finer fronds—and it won't leave a mess by dropping foliage every day. 

ZZ Plant 

This plant is a tough cookie, so it's a great plant for bedrooms that don't have ample light. In fact, it will take low light just fine. Water it every few weeks. 

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