Our 9 Favorite Super Bowl Snack

Buffalo wings 

We usually prefer a medium or hot Buffalo wing dipped in chunky blue cheese, but barbecue (or honey barbecue), garlic-parmesan, Thai chili, or any other wing is welcome on our table. 


Sliced, raw veggies—also known as “crudité,” if you’re fancy—are a must at our Super Bowl party. Not only are celery, carrots, cucumbers, broccoli, and peppers crucial special. 

Deviled eggs

Another slightly healthier option—especially if you’re on a high-protein diet—deviled eggs are an addicting game-day snack. 

Egg rolls

We’re down with traditional egg rolls filled with pork, cabbage, and carrots, as well as offbeat varieties like Southwestern egg rolls, breakfast egg rolls, or barbecue pulled pork egg rolls. 

Fried Pickles

We’ve always loved pickles, but the first time we tried fried pickles, it blew our minds. Since that day, fried pickles have been hard to resist on any menu, and we often pick up—or fry up—a batch for the big game. 


We’re fans of fries in every form, from waffle and shoestring to curly and crinkle-cut. As for condiments, we’re generally ketchup purists, but can’t resist a good Samurai sauce or gravy with cheese curds. 


We owe a lot to guac. It improves nachos, tacos, and burritos quite well. It’s one of the healthiest things in which you can dip a chip, thanks to healthy fats and antioxidants in the avocado. 


Meatballs are our favorite football snacks to eat with a toothpick. And we mean mini meatballs, of course, as a full-sized ball would require a much larger skewer. 

Mozzarella sticks 

You don’t need to be a Cheesehead from Green Bay to know that cheese is king when it comes to snacking. Also, most foods with “stick” in the name are delicious.  

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