One Major Effect Bananas Have on Your Gut

This may be the final conclusion on bananas' health benefits, given their sugar content, potassium content, 

A new study shows why this easy-to-grasp, multifunctional fruit may be a diet superstar.

This weekend, Australian digestion and nutrition specialists are emphasizing a banana benefit you probably didn't know.

Peel back the layers to see how this powerful fruit is so excellent for your stomach. If you like this, you may also want to check out New Study: Popular Juice May Lower Skin Cancer Risk.

Seven Melbourne medical and academic gastroenterology, dietetics, and nutrition specialists collaborated on a Saturday

They reviewed historical studies to identify how nutrition and the gut flora affect gastroenterological disorers like Crohn's, celiac.

These researchers' strongest claim is: "Dietary factors in early life appear to substantially determine the risk of later health or disease."

However, gastroenterological research suggests that dietary plans like the Crohn's Disease Exclusion Diet can lessen gut dysbiosis symptoms.

Apples are known for their fiber and disease-fighting antioxidant content. Why were bananas featured in this gut-healthy list

Why does it matter? Butyrate, commonly known as butyric acid, is one of three intestinal fatty acids, according to Healthline. 

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