New Travel Trends That Will Shape Your Vacations in 2024

Set Jet

In the U.S., Los Angeles is the epicenter of family set-jetting. Fans of Barbie can rollerblade in Venice Beach, just as Barbie and Ken did in Greta Gerwig’s hit.

Bring More, it’s Merrier

The popularity of multigenerational family vacations shows no sign of slowing down in 2024. When you travel with extended family, booking an accommodation with room to spread out offers privacy and togetherness in the right proportion.

Renew Your Passport the Easy Way

The process of applying for or renewing your passport through traditional methods continues to be unpredictable and at times downright frustrating.

Learn Indigenous History and Culture

After a strong year in 2023, tourism that allows us to learn about the culture, traditions, and homes of our nation’s first inhabitants will continue to gain in popularity in 2024.

Engage with Outdoor Art

Even a few years on from social distancing, Americans continue to want to incorporate open spaces into their travels, and the many outdoor sculpture gardens around the U.S.

Discover the Joys of Low-Season Vacations

For the family who sees art in all of nature and loves an outdoor adventure, ski resorts make great summer playgrounds, providing ample opportunities for mountain biking and hiking in particular.

Savor a New Kind of Culinary Travel

Travel tends to be best enjoyed with delicious dining options, and everyone can enjoy a special setting.

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