Mountain Dew's Popular Energy Drink Production Has Been Halted

A small coffee firm won a preliminary court battle against PepsiCo over the name of a new Mountain Dew product this year. A federal judge has

ordered PepsiCo to cease its promotion of this drink. Starbucks is also involved in this messy lawsuit.

Rise, a nitro coffee startup that creates canned coffee, sued PepsiCo in June for using the name "Mtn Dew Rise" for an energy drink it released

earlier this year. Mountain Dew seems to be advertising Mtn Dew Rise as a caffeinated juice beverage for morning caffeine-cravers who might

choose a drink other than coffee or energy beverages like Red Bull, Monster, or Rockstar (also a PepsiCo brand).

The June complaint by Rise Brewing alleged that PepsiCo was a "habitual trademark infringer" and had "rebuffed" a less formal request by the coffee

Reuters reported that a Manhattan U.S. district judge sided with the smaller guys. Judge Lorna Schofield issued a preliminary injunction

Wednesday that "bars PepsiCo from using the Mtn Dew Rise name commercially and from selling products under any other name that

would be confusingly similar to Rise Brewing's 'Rise' trademarks while the lawsuit is proceeding."

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