Most Trendiest Kitchen Color Schemes for All Types of Kitchen

1. Blue with white

Whites may be used for cabinets, walls, ceilings, and other surfaces. You may also add blue cabinetry with white granite table tops.

2. Dark green with white

Use green granite countertops and dark green cabinetry. Use white for the chimney, top walls, and ceilings.

3. Light gray with white

Gray paint should be used on cabinets, drawers, and top shelves. You may also use a light gray table top and white tiled walls to complement it.

4. Dark grey with orange

Using orange on your walls in conjunction with dark gray will help you optimize natural light. You may also use printed wallpaper in orange to improve the aesthetics of the kitchen.

5. All green

Paint the wall tiles, cabinets, and carpeting a slightly lighter shade of greenish hue. In addition, for the kitchen, you might utilize green tiles on the walls with a white table top.

6. All Purple

Use everything purple in your kitchen color scheme, including top shelves, hoods, drawers, and cabinets, and accent with gold knobs or handles for added flair.

7. Sky blue

For the kitchen color design, paint your drawers, cabinets, and top shelves sky blue and use gray tone tiles under the hood.

8. Royal navy blue!

Paint the cabinets, drawers, and furniture royal navy blue. Additionally, for improved aesthetics, apply a white blick type pattern on the walls.

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