Most Expensive Fish You Can Own

This fish is highly sought after and can command incredibly high prices, reaching tens of thousands of dollars. Its metallic silver color and graceful swimming style make it a prized possession for fish enthusiasts.

Platinum Arowana

Found in the waters around New Caledonia, this vibrant and rare angelfish can fetch prices in the range of thousands of dollars due to its stunning red and white striped pattern.

Peppermint Angelfish

These stingrays have unique polka dot patterns and are popular among collectors. Prices can vary, but they can reach several thousand dollars due to their rarity and distinctive appearance.

Freshwater Polka Dot Stingray

Native to the waters around the Clarion Island, this angelfish boasts vibrant yellow, blue, and black coloring. Its limited availability makes it a highly coveted and expensive fish.

Clarion Angelfish

This striking angelfish, known for its black mask-like pattern on its face, is found in the waters of Japan and commands high prices in the exotic fish market.

Masked Angelfish

This large and beautiful grouper species has a stunning blue coloration. Its rarity and popularity contribute to its high price tag, which can exceed several thousand dollars.

Neptune Grouper

Endemic to the Hawaiian Islands, this butterflyfish features distinct black and white patterns resembling wrought iron. Its restricted distribution and unique appearance contribute to its high value.

Wrought Iron Butterflyfish

With its vibrant and varied colors ranging from bright pink to purple, the Candy Basslet is a highly desirable fish. Its small size and stunning beauty make it a collector's favorite, commanding high prices.

Candy Basslet