McDonald’s Shamrock Shake and McFlurry Are Back

McDonald's long-awaited spring signs have arrived! The popular Shamrock Shake and Oreo Shamrock McFlurry are available nationwide today

Shamrock Shakes have been a seasonal favorite since 1970, honoring St. Patrick's Day on March 17. The shake features McDonald's vanilla base and mint-flavored green syrup.

Both snacks arrived early at my local McDonald's, by Irish luck. When McDonald's announces a debut date, monitor your local store since goods often emerge early. 

Shamrock shakes are refreshingly green. Fake color doesn't overwhelm. A lovely domed cover kept the whipped cream on top. 

Taste: Vanilla with a dash of mint was delightful. I think the green and mint are more for marketing than taste. I'm astonished by the mint's subtlety and sweetness. 

The McFlurry's thickness keeps the spoon upright without assistance. The green drizzle on top is garisher than the shake, but the Oreo pieces are varied and plentiful.

Taste: Cookies dominate the first mouthful. Oreos are crispy and have the right blend of big and little pieces. Unfortunately, the large bits melt

I taste more mint in the Shamrock Shake, but if you want a little green to commemorate the big day, order a Shamrock McFlurry without

P.S. McDonald's Facebook page addresses many concerns about the ice cream machine being down: "Our shake and soft-serve machines are dismantled, sterilized,

and cleaned every 14 days and heat treated every 24 hours. If you can't acquire one, keep trying."