Is Dollar General Open On Christmas This Year?

Holiday shopping can get pricey quickly! According to the NRF, Americans spent $936.3 billion on holiday shopping last year. 

Between buying the ideal gifts for everyone on your list, decorating the halls, and stocking up on ingredients for a Christmas dinner menu,

Enter Dollar General! Dollar in the name means you can buy many holiday gifts at low prices. After making and checking your list

you may find you forgot something when you return home from your first shopping excursion. 

Even the best suffer! If you wait until Christmas Day to look through your baggage, you may have trouble finding stores open on Christmas.

ou may want to return to Dollar General for their affordable food, décor, and presents.You probably live within five miles of one!

Is Dollar General open Christmas? That should be asked before rushing into the snow. Thank goodness we have answers.

 Find out the dollar stores' holiday hours, or if you don't live near one, Walmart and Target's.

We have good and bad news for last-minute shoppers and deal-seekers. Let's end it now: A spokeswoman told

A spokeswoman said 2023 Christmas Eve hours will be released in October and we'll let you know.

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