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Ideas For Building Your Own Indoor Greenhouse


The greenhouse is made up of picture frames that have been spray-painted and hot glued together. Place it near a window and you'll have a cute greenhouse.

Picture Frame Mini Greenhouse

This project demonstrates how to convert a cabinet into a greenhouse by adding grow lights, a humidifier, a fan, and a few other accessories. It's a quick project with a significant impact.

Greenhouse Cabinet

This greenhouse will make a stylish centerpiece in your living space. An IKEA Rudsta cabinet has been converted into an indoor greenhouse. The end result is a stunning cabinet that really showcases the plants.

IKEA Greenhouse Cabinet

Used cabinet found while thrifting. Extra shelves and a light are added. The greenhouse is green and compact enough to store, but it can hold many plants.

Green Indoor Cabinet Greenhouse

This simple indoor greenhouse consists of a plastic container placed under a light to help some seeds grow. It's an excellent setup if you're limited on space and looking for something small.

Simple Indoor Greenhouse

It's a one-of-a-kind greenhouse that also serves as an art piece. This is a very detailed tutorial, so you can create one yourself if you want.

MidWestern Jungle

This indoor greenhouse idea turns a metal shelf into a plant home. All of the shelving unit is covered to keep warm air from the greenhouse window.

Indoor Greenhouse Shelf

Check your craft area and recycling for everything you need to make this tiny greenhouse. Include the kids in this one.

Recycled Mini Greenhouse

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