Hacks To Freshen Up Your Hallway

Go Dark And Dramatic

If your hallway has lots of natural light, use the benefit wisely by going for a glamorous dark colour scheme.

Decorate Your Hallway Last

If you've just moved into a new home, learn from my previous mistake. Make sure it is the final place you decorate, otherwise, you'll need to repaint again after the renovation dust


If your hallway resembles a cupboard rather than a through-room, use the enclosed space to your advantage by transforming it into a dazzling corner full of colour

Display Your Treasures

Rather than clutter up living rooms and bedrooms with too many accessories why not spread the love and let them spill out into the hallway instead

Choose Narrow Furniture

Narrow hallways require slimline furniture to ensure through traffic is not compromised. Open shelf storage will maximise the sense of space and is ideal for placing small storage boxes and simple accessory displays.

Draw The Eye With A Blind

Create a visual target to draw the eye in a small or narrow space. A piece of art or colourful window treatment will anchor the room to make the space feel larger and provide depth.

Add A Herringbone Floor

A warm-toned herringbone floor will create a seamless flow in a large hallway. The soothing consistent pattern will naturally lead you towards other rooms leading from it.

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