Hack Your Happy Chemicals

Take time for yourself—your chemicals will thank you. Everyone defines self-care differently, so it may be eating well or reading a book you've been putting off.

Wellness Activities

When you see food, dopamine is released before you eat it. Same for sex.

Consuming Food

Celebrate small victories along the road to a goal to boost dopamine and make it a habit.

Working For A Goal

We all agree that listening to a music we love makes us happier, so it's easy to encourage you to do it more often.

Listen To Tunes

Dopamine makes learning anything new, like cooking or answering a question, fun.

Learn Something New

Even after birth, touch and eye contact can promote oxytocin production.

Playing With Baby

Dogs are among the few species that may induce oxytocin in humans! Their evolutionary history as man's best buddy may explain it.


These touching methods, whether romantic or platonic, are quick and easy ways to feel closer and benefit from oxytocin.

Hugging Or Holding Hands