Google Will Delete Email Accounts and Photos

From your smartphone to your laptop, technology lets us keep a lot of our vital data online. While these innovations can make life easier and

safer, they also expose us to new vulnerabilities when things go wrong. Losing sensitive data, vital files, and precious memories is a constant

concern in everyone's digital world. In two weeks, Google will remove some email accounts and photographs from its servers. Learn how to avoid the scheduled purge.

Email addresses and digital accounts are often changed over time. On Dec. 1, Google will delete inactive accounts, so remember to check your email.

Ruth Kricheli, VP of product management, announced the change on May 16. Any Google account "

not been used or signed into or used for at least two years" will be deleted next month, along with all saved data.

The business said it was erasing dormant accounts in stages, starting with those that were never used.

The release states that the new policy will destroy data kept in the internet giant's most popular tools. This includes Google Workspace files and data

The Independent says that the adjustments will not affect business accounts, school accounts, or YouTube accounts that have previously

posted videos. The corporation said it will "send multiple notifications" to account recovery email addresses and months before deletion.