Foods You Think Are Gluten-Free But Aren’t


Although gluten-free sausages are available, ordinary sausages often contain wheat rusk.

Soy sauce

Traditional Chinese soy sauce contains wheat. Replace with gluten-free Japanese tamari soy sauce.

Stock cubes

Make sure your stock cubes are gluten-free by checking the label or making your own.

Buckwheat flour

Nature makes buckwheat gluten-free. Growing and processing might contaminate it with wheat and other grains.

Dry-roasted nuts

Plain nuts don't include gluten, however dry-roasted nuts often contain wheat flour in the coating. Choose plain or salted nuts.


Spelt is often incorrectly thought to have less gluten than other wheat kinds. Spelt, an ancient wheat, has gluten levels like contemporary wheat.


Often substituted for rice, couscous is manufactured from durum wheat granules and is not gluten-free.


Chocolate doesn't normally contain gluten, but some varieties can be contaminated by other items like chocolate-coated biscuits from the same brand.


Some gluten-free corn flakes have a minor quantity. Some have greater amounts and are unsuitable.