Eight Best Stomach Exercises Of All Time

A static exercise where you hold a push-up position, engaging your core to build overall abdominal strength and stability.


A dynamic exercise involving twisting and contracting your core while mimicking a cycling motion to target oblique muscles.

Bicycle Crunches

Seated or balancing on your glutes, you rotate your torso to work the oblique muscles and enhance rotational strength.

Russian Twists

Lying on your back, you lift your legs off the ground to strengthen lower abdominal muscles and improve lower core strength.

 Leg Raises

A dynamic exercise where you alternate knee-to-chest movements while in a plank position to engage the entire core and boost cardio.

Mountain Climbers

A variation of the plank, you balance on one forearm, engaging obliques to build lateral core stability.

Side Plank

Using a stability ball, you extend your body forward to challenge core muscles and improve balance.

Swiss Ball Rollouts

Lying on your back, you perform rapid, alternating leg movements just above the ground to enhance lower abdominal endurance.

Flutter Kicks