Dutch Oven Bread


– 3 to 3-1/2 cups (125 grams per cup) all-purpose flour – 1 teaspoon active dry yeast – 1 teaspoon salt – 1-1/2 cups water (70° to 75°)

Method of preparation:

1. Mix yeast, salt, and 3 cups flour in a large bowl. The moist, shaggy dough is made by adding water and the remaining flour. Avoid kneading. Cover, let rise in a cool location 7-8 hours till doubled.

2. Heat a Dutch oven with lid on the center rack for 30 minutes at 450°. After heating the Dutch oven, transfer the dough onto a well-floured surface. Using a metal scraper or spatula, swiftly form a round baguette. Place gently on parchment.

3. Cut a 1/4-inch slash across loaf using a sharp knife. Immediately place bread in a heated Dutch oven with parchment. Cover and bake 30 minutes. 

4. Uncover and bake for 15-20 minutes more, partially covering if the bread browns too much, until deep golden brown and hollow when tapped. Remove bread from the pan and cool on wire rack.

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