Dunkin' Removed Coconut Milk From Dairy Alternatives

Dunkin' is retiring its Coconut Refreshers and coconut milk this year. Since 2021, the coffee and donuts franchise has only briefly included coconut milk.

The corporation didn't explain why they removed coconut milk, although cost and demand likely were the main reasons. Almond and oat milk, cheaper and more popular dairy substitutes, will be offered by the business.

Coconut Refreshers enthusiasts do have hope: Green tea-based Refreshers like Mango Pineapple and Strawberry Dragonfruit are still available. Coconut milk fans have till the end of the year to get one before they're gone.

Dunkin' celebrates 10 years after adding its first dairy option in 2024. F irst introduced in 2014, almond milk remains their most popular plant-based milk. Oat milk debuted in 2020, followed by coconut milk in 2021.

The only popular plant-based milk Dunkin' hasn't tried is soy. However, as the firm experiments and learns what consumers want, its non-dairy goods may evolve. Restaurants have reduced their use of coconut milk in recent years.

Soy milk feels like Dunkin's most natural expansion. Plant-based milk options like rice and pea milk are emerging as the sector grows and innovates. We'll have to wait for Dunkin's 2024 menu.

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