Delightful Vegan Recipes That Are Incredibly Easy To Make

Breakfast hash tacos

Perfect for a weekend brunch, these vibrant tacos are packed full of punchy flavors. The tacos, with fried vegan sausage, pickled red onion, mushrooms, and potato, are quick and easy to make. 

Scrambled tofu burritos

A burrito is an easy and filling idea to kickstart your day or to take to work for lunch. This recipe incorporates scrambled tofu, fried plantain, onion, and peppers, and is served with a punchy tomato salsa. 

Green shakshuka

Packed full of green goodness, this dish is perfect for a tasty brunch or breakfast. Using plant-based yogurt in place of traditional eggs, the mixture of leeks, garden peas, beans.

Vegan pancakes

Our plant-based version of classic fluffy pancakes is made with soy milk and apple cider vinegar, and when served with maple syrup and fresh berries you won't even know the difference.

Vegan jerk chili

Bring the flavors of the Caribbean into your kitchen with this bright and punchy vegan take on a jerk chili. Combining a selection of veg with filling red or kidney beans. 

Cashew curry

A fragrant Sri Lankan curry, this one-pot wonder has a creamy, coconutty base with cashews, chickpeas, sweetcorn, and spinach. 

Vegetable pulao

A pulao is a simple one-pot dish of spiced rice with vegetables, which is perfect when you have several people to feed.  Any selection of veggies can be used, depending on what you have at home.

Butter tofu curry

It takes hardly any time at all to make this rich, creamy curry. Traditional chicken is replaced with wonderful fried tofu puffs and the curry sauce is made with dairy-free butter. 

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