Dark Side Of Excessive Weight Loss

Severe weight reduction alters hormones. These can negatively effect your body and mind and deeply affect your mood.

Hormonal Imbalance

Fast, extreme weight loss affects metabolism. Your metabolic rate will usually drop, slowing all processes, including fat loss.

The Metabolism

Some skin may have enough elasticity to shrink back, but sagging skin is inescapable when you lose a lot of weight.

Skin Loosens 

Same with stretch marks. Rapid weight loss increases danger. Slow and steady is suggested, as is moisturizing with lotions.

Stretch Marks

You would think that getting to your target weight would make you happy, but this is not always the case.


Fast weight loss can stop your period. Lectin is affected by carb restriction. Thus, your body may enter “starvation mode” and stop menstruating.

Your Period May Be Affected

You are more likely to get gallstones if you do not consume enough fat. These can be really uncomfortable.