Costco Shoppers Complaining About New Fresh Sushi: It's 'Just Plain Bad'

From its famous bakery dishes to its broad assortment of tempting snacks, Costco meals get excellent ratings from customers. However, a recent rash of bad reviews for an item arriving for the first time at some warehouses demonstrates that Costco does not always strike the mark with every product.

Snowfox, a firm that delivers sushi to multiple locations around the nation, has recently begun selling fresh sushi at a Costco warehouse in Las Vegas, Nev. While this may delight any sushi-loving Costco members in Sin City, many of the early reviews were either mixed or outright negative.

"Honestly, the fish was good, but the rice wasn't all that great." "It's a passable option for a lazy option," the Redditor remarked.

That criticism regarding the rice has been a recurring topic among customers who have tried the sushi.

"Perhaps I'm too much of a texture person, but this stuff is just plain bad." "The fish is good, but the rice was terrible—had this stiff congealed texture that I gave up on after a few pieces and ended up just eating the fish and roll fillings," one Redditor said.

While the Snowfox sushi is new to the Las Vegas warehouse, it has been observed at numerous other Costco locations in recent months. In other sections of the nation where it is now accessible, the product has gotten a fair proportion of unfavorable feedback.

A Costco customer complained on Reddit earlier this month that the Snowfox sushi features "deceptively thin slices of fish."