Costco Just Launched an Exciting New Bakery Item: 'Tastes Homemade'

We're only a few days into the new year, but Costco is already luring members to deviate from their 2024 diets with an exciting new bakery delicacy on shelves.

Several customers have noticed a new Banana Nut Loaf in the bakery department of the store in recent days. While Costco previously marketed a comparable Banana Pecan Loaf, the new Banana Nut Loaf is covered with walnuts rather than pecans and weights a whopping two pounds.

Laura Lamb, who manages the Costco fan account @costcohotfinds on Instagram, wrote about the fresh bakery find this week. "It's soft, not overly sweet, and tastes homemade," she went on to say. Several other Costco shoppers who commented on her article were also impressed with the new bakery option.

"I purchased it last weekend and it was gone in my house within a day. It was really good! One follower remarked, "Apparently my boys thought so too lol." "Best banana bread ever!!!" another said.

Some customers suggested that the banana bread be warmed up and topped with cream cheese, butter, or anything else goes well with bananas. "It tasted amazing toasted with peanut butter!" one shopper said.

However, not every member who has tried a loaf has liked it. Some customers have commented on Reddit that the bakery item is "dry" or "just okay." So, if the new loaf has caught your interest, you may need to try it for yourself to see if it's truly worth the money.

The Banana Nut Loaf has been selling for $6.99 in warehouses where it has been discovered, but prices may vary by location. Some Costco locations acquire new items earlier than others, so check with your local warehouse to see if the Banana Nut Loaf is currently in stock.

This isn't the first interesting new pastry item to appear on Costco shelves in recent weeks. In late December, the shop introduced fresh Almond Florentine Cookies drizzled with dark chocolate. The bakery products immediately became popular among Costco shoppers.

"These are insane." They are thin, crunchy, nutty, and difficult to stop eating. "They're super delicate and simply delicious," Lamb wrote in a previous Instagram photo.

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