Costco Is Making This Food Court Pizza Change

People go to Costco for its classic food courts and affordable, tasty snacks. While some menu items have changed in recent years

The store's legendary $1.50 hot dogs and pizza, which cost $1.99 per slice or $9.95 for an 18', have been on the menu since they debuted. 

The April issue of Costco Connection magazine features Costco's Kirkland Signature pizza boxes with a new How2Recycle label as part of

the company's sustainability efforts. The contents are the same. A 2020 Recycling Partnership research highlighted in Costco's sustainable packaging section prompted this move.

"The research found that even moderate amounts of grease on the packaging still allowed for recycling,

Costco said. "Therefore in 2021, we added the How2Recycle® label to our food court pizza boxes to communicate this to our members."

The standardized How2Recycle stamp tells consumers which goods can be recycled and provides straightforward instructions.

Costco, one of the nation's largest pizza businesses, makes and sells a lot of cardboard boxes, thus the labeling is

aimed to reduce waste. However, the retailer's October 2021 Facebook post on the shift raised questions about pizza box recycling and regulations.

Members complained in the comments that the new pizza boxes won't respect recycling rules. However, the warehouse pizza box will feature the new label.