Costco Is Finally Bringing Back the Most-Requested Food Court

Most hot dog stands need chopped onions. The popular topping has been a rare treat for Costco food court customers—home to the $1.50 hot dog combo

Since the warehouse club giant stopped selling the condiment in the US during the epidemic, many buyers have petitioned the company to bring it back.

If you fought for the retiring sliced onions till 2023, Costco has heard your complaints.

Members were informed yesterday that the fan-favorite sauce would return to US food courts before Costco confirmed the comeback. 

On April 30, a Reddit user posted a photo of an intriguing diced onion return sign at their Pacific Northwest warehouse.

The return date is unknown, but Costco said members won't have to wait long to top their hotdogs with chopped onions.

One important change in how customers would get the topping when its reappearance is apparent. According to Reddit signs, the food court

will store sliced onions in refrigerated cups instead of the clever devices that dispensed them with a crank. Members can request these cups, the sign said.

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