Cleansing Catastrophes: Skincare Mistakes You Need to Stop

Skincare errors can negatively affect the health and appearance of your skin. Here are a few frequent cleaning disasters you should avoid:



Cleansing your face too frequently or with harsh cleansers can deplete the skin of its natural oils and disrupt its moisture barrier. 


Using the wrong cleanser

Using a cleanser that does not match your skin type can result in dehydration, irritation, or acne. Determine your skin type first.


Skipping double cleansing

Double cleansing is an effective method for removing makeup, dirt, and excess sebum from the skin.  This ensures a thorough cleansing and prepares the skin for subsequent stages.


Ignoring the neck and décolletage

During cleansing, the neck and décolletage are frequently overlooked. Extend your purifying regimen to these areas to preserve their health.


Using hot water

Hot water can strip the epidermis of its natural oils, causing it to become dry. When cleansing your face, use tepid water to prevent excessive drying and irritation.


Roughly scrubbing the skin

Using harsh exfoliants or vigorously scouring the skin can damage the skin's protective barrier and cause irritation.


Not rinsing properly

Failing to remove all vestiges of cleanser from the skin can result in clogged pores and possible breakouts. Take the time to rinse your face.


Using dirty washcloths or towels

Using soiled washcloths or linens to cleanse the face can transmit bacteria and irritants to the skin.


Not patting dry

After cleansing, avoid vigorously rubbing your face with a cloth. Instead, pat your skin dry with a soft towel to avoid unnecessary irritation or straining.