Catharsis: Ways To Experience Emotional Relief

A tried and tested method to get it all out, exercise is a great way to achieve emotional release.


Sometimes all we need to achieve catharsis is to speak up, to confess the things that are causing us pain


Music has been used for millennia as a form of expression, and one that can indeed provide some emotional release.


Journaling can be a great way to achieve catharsis. Pouring your heart out on paper is very therapeutic.


Art is a form of expression and, as such, a way to process and channel emotions. It can be a great way to achieve catharsis.


When one thinks about catharsis, usually crying comes to mind. But a good laugh can sometimes be all you need.


Humans have performed rituals since the dawn of time. We find comfort in them, and there is nothing wrong in performing rituals to achieve inner peace.


This form of therapy can have a cathartic effect, as it delves deep into your unconscious mind.