Best Fast Foods for WeightWatchers

Grilled Chicken Sandwich:

Opt for grilled chicken instead of fried. Choose a whole-grain bun or lettuce wrap for a lower SmartPoints option.

Salads with Grilled Protein:

Choose salads with grilled chicken, turkey, or shrimp. Use vinaigrette dressings sparingly or opt for lighter dressing options.

Vegetarian or Veggie Burgers:

Look for veggie or plant-based burger options. Consider skipping or moderating the use of high-calorie condiments.

Grilled Fish Tacos:

Opt for grilled fish tacos with fresh toppings. Avoid fried options and excessive cheese or creamy sauces.

Chicken or Turkey Wraps:

Choose wraps with lean protein like grilled chicken or turkey. Skip or go easy on high-calorie sauces and cheese.

Fruit Cups or Side Salads:

Instead of fries, opt for fruit cups or side salads as your side. This adds volume and nutrients without a high SmartPoints value.

Egg White Breakfast Sandwich:

Choose an egg white option for breakfast sandwiches. Consider whole-grain or lighter English muffins.

Grilled Chicken Nuggets:

If available, choose grilled chicken nuggets over fried. Use condiments sparingly to control SmartPoints.

Customizable Bowls:

Some fast-food places allow you to customize bowls with lean proteins, veggies, and whole grains.


Opt for smoothies with a base of water, ice, or low-fat milk. Be cautious with added sugars or high-calorie additives.

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