Astrologer: Relationships Are Being Tested

Most casual astrologers pay heed to their zodiac sign and features. More is involved, including planet orbits and the zodiac calendar. One

such celestial "transit" is occurring through Nov. 8, according to astrological expert Evan Nathaniel Grim, shaking up relationships and

putting them through the "ultimate test." Read on to learn what this implies and how you may strengthen your relationships with your partner

Planets dominate each zodiac sign. Cancer, ruled by the Moon, is sensitive and emotional. However, Mars rules Aries, which is competitive and irritable.

Ophira and Tali Edut, the AstroTwins, explain on their website that planets orbit the sun at various speeds.

"Transiting planets move fast or slowly across zodiac signs. Each has its unique 'energy' when transiting based on zodiac position "Note. "Their journeys through 

According to fellow astrologer Chelsey Bernardelli (@ohchelyeah), Venus draws and unites. She says this doesn't imply it's conflict-free

As it moves into Virgo, "the workhorse of the zodiac" that's all about "routines, regimens, perfection," Bernardelli notices a greater sense of "trying to create

"Words of affirmation will no longer suffice," he adds. "If you want a relationship to thrive, you have to be willing to demonstrate commitment at every turn."

The "ultimate test" of your relationships comes this month when Venus opposes Saturn, "the planet of maturity and hard lessons."

He says "Mars is conjunct the south node and square Pluto right now, many people will realize it's best to walk away."