America's Largest Pizza Chain Is "Tipping"

Restaurant costs rise as food prices rise and labor shortages remain. Domino's, like many fast-food companies, 

America's largest pizza company will give customers who pick up their own order a $3 "tip" until May 22, 

How it works: Customers receive a $3 coupon code via email after placing a $5 carryout order online or with Domino's mobile app. 

Another $5 online order in the following week will qualify for the deal. Sunday orders must be picked up the same day.

Only two weeks before the Super Bowl, one of the pizza industry's busiest days, Domino's latest contract was announced. 

Art D'Elia, Domino's executive president and chief marketing officer, said the championship game 

The incentive rollout follows Domino's announcement that it will hike pricing. The chain predicted an 8% to 10% increase in food basket

Domino's national promos were adjusted to account for ingredient price increases.

Our popular $7.99 carryout bargain is now digital-only, so customers can only redeem it on our website or mobile app. 

 The three-topping pizza or 10-piece chicken wings deal has been lowered to an eight-piece order.