American Airlines Flight Attendants Seek Permission to Strike

Strikes are difficult for airline workers. American Airlines flight attendants started it. American flight attendants have formally requested permission to strike from federal authority.

They threaten to leave between Christmas and New Year's. Union leaders claim contracts have been blocked and flight attendants have not been raised since 2019. After a 30-day cooling-off period, a holiday strike might occur.

Association of Professional Flight Attendants asked National Mediation Board on Monday. Permission to strike over the holidays seems unlikely.

Southwest Airlines pilots are also threatening to strike around the holidays, making two strikes improbable. The attacks by two of the four largest carriers would be deadly.

Southwest Airlines Pilots Association has decided to build a Dallas strike center. They aim for December 29.

But federal law makes it difficult for both parties. Aviation personnel cannot suddenly quit, nor can airlines lock out their workforce. That complicates industrial strikes. The US President and Congress may veto an economic-threatening strike. 

American said that it gave flight attendants a "industry-leading economic proposal." American said a Thanksgiving or December strike is “no possibility”.

“We definitely don't feel any equality here,” said flight attendant union treasurer Erik Harris. “Why have the pilots got their deal and we haven't?”