9 Things That Will Be Lost Forever When Boomers Are Gone

One-time or twice-used giant china sets

"I have one, but I doubt I'll ever use it." My maternal great-grandmother owned the china, while my paternal great-grandmother owned the cabinet. "I'm a sucker for old people's stuff."

Covering hardwood floors with carpet

"I recall my parents purchasing their first home in the 1980s. We spent our first nights in our new home scrubbing the carpet and padding that had been adhered to the gorgeous hardwood floors so that it could be restored. "These are crazy times."

Yahoo News

"You might be surprised that Yahoo is still the predominant service in Japan."

Phone Books

"Somehow, my Gen X father just moved and started looking for jobs…..via the phonebook…..so it'll be around a while."


"With some of the garbage I see millennials buying off of Instagram, we should probably be careful making fun of the boomers for this one."


"I still pay my utilities with checks because they charge a $7 "convenience fee" for using a credit card or setting up autopay." Sending a check is free. (Well, it's the cost of a stamp, but it's a lot less than $7.)"


"Except when they are passed down to the Boomers' children." I know a family who continues buying timeshares, and they've already decided which of the millennial children will receive which."

Affordable Housing

"It's not just housing. Groceries and tuition were considerably more reasonable back then."

The Idea That Work Should Consume Our Lives

"This really perplexes me. I've worked for two men who lived for their jobs. It is not necessary to work in order to survive. How can you think about work all the time and be concerned with money..."

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