9 Strategies To Stop A Panic Attack

Substance misuse can cause panic attacks, thus people with anxiety disorders should be wary. Legal medication too.


It may be impossible to prevent all triggers. You must sometimes attend social events and talk publicly.

Unavoidable Causes

Panic attack treatments vary in efficacy. Some help immediately, while others work long-term.

Creating Strategies

People with these assaults benefit from cognitive-behavioral therapy.It alters how people view life's obstacles. It can help people build strategies.


There is also evidence that CBT may modify panic-related brain regions, making people more prepared for triggers.

Brain Changes May Occur

Medications may help. Benzodiazepines treat symptoms. However, they are addicting and do not treat the disease. This is why doctors don't suggest long-term use.


While hyperventilating increases terror during panic attacks, deep breathing can lessen panic.

Deep Breathing

Research shows that deep breathing lowers cortisol. Stress comes from cortisol.

Regulation Of Cortisol

Deep breathing may reduce anxiety, despair, rage, and confusion as well as relax, comfort, and attentiveness.

Reduces Anxiety