9 Of The World’s Most Overrated Foods


Right out of the gate, the first thread addressed milkshakes. Particularly “loaded” milkshakes. You know, those towering creations that are part milkshake.

“Super Tall” Burgers

Burgers are often served along with a milkshakes and several Redditors think “super tall burgers” are overrated. Hard to eat. Make a mess.

Tall Cupcakes

We guess tall foods offend people, because tall cupcakes made the list, too. As one person put it, “It’s annoying to get frosting up your nose with every bite”.

Fondant Covered Cakes

Desserts didn’t fare well either, with cakes covered in fondant being a big target. The agreement was fondant was used to make cakes look “cool”, but the taste was not appreciated.


Folks had strong words for Starbucks coffee. Many said it was good, but that “people treat it like it was milked from a cow sent from heaven”.

Perfect Food

Things like fruits and vegetables that have to be “perfect” and blemish free. Food waste is a concern and a few commenters thought blemished fruits and vegetables were underrated.


Caviar had bashers and supporters. It boiled down to a discussion about high end caviar (many supporters) versus poorly prepared caviar.

Bloody Mary

Some places are making them with over the top ‘garnishes’ like full on burgers, wings and shrimp. One person said a place in their town throws a whole fried chicken on top.


Nutella, that famous chocolate-hazelnut spread has detractors, with comments such as, ” it’s good but some people treat it like crack cocaine”, and “Nutella is disgusting.

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