9 Foods That Surprisingly Taste Better Frozen


Applesauce freezes surprisingly well—especially compared to other sauces—but have you ever tried eating it frozen? There are two methods for this. 


Some people prefer frozen bananas for the texture, while others like them for the taste, as frozen bananas tend to be a bit sweeter. 


Freeze your blueberries right in the carton—or just buy the pre-frozen variety—and break them out whenever you want a cold, refreshing snack. 


Cheesecake can also be safely stored in the freezer, so if you don’t end up enjoying it in its frozen state, just let it thaw and enjoy the cake the usual way. 


Sometimes we actually NEED to put chocolate in the freezer or fridge to stop it from melting during the warmer months. Other times we just want to because cold chocolate that melts in your mouth is just so satisfying. 

Chocolate chip cookies

You’re just going to have to trust us on this one. The next time you bake a batch of chocolate cookies, throw a few of them in the freezer for a couple of hours. 


And texture-wise, the high amount of water turns the interior into a slushy consistency, making them a refreshing—and healthy—warm-weather snack. 

Key lime pie

There are a lot of recipes for frozen key lime pie out there because a lot of folks are now hip to the fact that this dessert is most delicious when it’s chilled overnight in the freezer. 


Another fruit that’s fantastic frozen, mango makes sense because it’s already a soft food, so putting it in the freezer adds a little density.

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