9 Antiques That Will Gain Value Over Time

‘80s and ‘90s Furniture

The popularity of the mid-century modern trend get has led to a host of mass reproductions, which has promoted them to look beyond of this movement for future investing. 


Clocks in particular, offer a great return, and depending on the size, they can easily be moved around throughout the home and act like a piece of jewelry for your interiors. 

Baroque Furniture and Decor

A bold abstract painting over a marble-topped Baroque console creates a standout focal point and adds character to any room. Purchase affordable pieces to add to your collection, regardless of style.

Mid-Century Italian Lighting

McBournie loves mid-century Italian light fixtures to add color and shape to your favorite entertaining spaces.

Items You Like

The rise of more prominent, trusted online retailers has made antiques shopping more accessible and appealing than ever to a wide range of buyers. 

Vintage Louis 

These styles offer a wide range, and they kind of make sense for investing in the world today because you can get quality items at good prices. 

20th-Century Danish and French Furniture

Pieces by world-renowned post-war furniture designers such as the likes of Pierre Chapo, Charlotte Perriand, Otto Schulz, and Poul Kjærholm have continued to maintain value and gain. 

Antique British Colonial Furnishing

Dark woods with golden caning and even bone inlay are favorites . A few pieces in this style are a great addition to any room, offering casual island vibes without being ‘beachy.’